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Free initial consultation
Free 45 mins consultation to find out how I can best support you on your journey. Book your consultation now.

Free Online Meditation

Great way to start your week and connect to your heart. Join me and the heart-based community for this free online weekly event. Monday from 8:30-9pm. Click to register and receive a free Zoom invite.

Free Online Conscious Relaxation

Relax in a truly conscious way because Everytime you consciously relax, you relax deeper. This weekly free online event happens every Monday at 9:30pm-10:15pm. Click to register and receive a free Zoom invite.

How to Live a Good Life - Free Online Taster

Learn and apply these important yogic principles called Yamas & Niyamas and find out how you can lead a simple yet profound life.

Who am I Series - Free Online Series

The amazing series exploring the extraordinary question of "Who am I?". Look at all areas of life & discover new ways of being.