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What is Sanomentology?

Sanomentology is a series of therapeutic protocols combining Psychology, Philosophy, Science and Theology. The protocols are designed in a way to allow the person's own unconscious mind to assess the issue and to use its own wisdom to resolve it. Versatile and adaptable protocols chronic physical and emotional pain, phobias, anxiety, depression, addictions, resolving unfinished business from the past, life enhancement to reach the full potential. 

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Agnes has shown a skilful, empathetic, intelligent, and intuitive use of the Emotion Code and Body Code with some amazing and profound results. The changes both physically and mentally have been markedly significant'

Programmes and Packages

The Resolute Pack (3 sessions)


Release negative baggage from the past and conclude the unfinished business that is locked in your mind.

Anxiety and Depression (2-3 sessions)

Dealing quickly and effectively with the unwanted feelings and its causes.


YES Weight Management Program (2 sessions)

Working with a subconscious mind on issues regarding reaching 'happy weight', tackling negative beliefs and attitudes surrounding food and eating habits.


CREATE (4-5 sessions)


Helps with PTSD in a content free way to resolve the trauma without having to relive it.


FREESPA Addiction Programme (4-5 weekly sessions)

Resolving triggers behind the additions to help and deal with it effectively.


GOSH - Gift Of Self Healing


A very peaceful session helping the body to relax and activate self healing.


Path to Enhancement Package (5 sessions)


Helps to enhance your life and unblock your full potential.

Path to Enlightenment Package (8 sessions)


Helps you on your spiritual journey.



Call for a Consultation

Your first step to life change

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