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Agnes Domanska



Do you feel stuck in life to the point that everything around overwhelms you? Do you feel that your emotional baggage is too much to handle and both your mental and physical health is compromised? I know the feeling, I have been in your shoes many times before. We often feel life overwhelms us, especially now in times ruled by media, social media, consumerism, race for money and total stress and chaos. We forget that self-care and self-love are essential to keep us alive, balanced and happy. Sometimes blockages that are beyond our control stand in the way and sabotage our efforts to change and get out of the hellhole. Working with the subconscious mind I help to identify and correct the different imbalances that cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for people. I can help with:


  • Long lasting and chronic physical and emotional pain.

  • Phobias and unwanted habits.

  • Anxiety and depression.

  • Substance and addiction.

  • Food addictions.

I am passionate about general well being, self-care and self-love. I believe that building up both can bring significant improvement to our lives and help us live better quality life, manage stress as well as emotional and physical pain. I have been on a lifelong path of learning, experiencing and using energy work as a tool for self development. I incorporate many modalities in my work as well as my passion for healthy eating, meditation and coaching to help you eliminate negative emotional baggage from the past so you can regain control of your life and be the best version of yourself you can be. I can help you resolve the past and plan the future so you can enjoy the NOW.

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Resolve the past, plan the future, enjoy the now. 


“The changes in me are visible to everyone and I think people who have known me for years are shocked to see how positive I am about life in general”
“Agnes is and has been another angel sent from heaven to help me. Agnes has helped me in so many ways after a series of heart attacks and bile duct operation”
“Work that Agnieszka has practised on me lowered the frequency of panic attacks until they disappeared completely”
Image by Michelle Bonkosky

Your Journey Towards Health

Begins on the Path of Self Love.

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